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We offer top  of the line custom embroidery service at our location Gahanna, Ohio. This service is performed all in-house so you can be can be fully assured that your project will receive personal attention from our dedicated staff.  Your embroidered design, will ensure that your digitize image will represent your vision! Whether you choose to embroider a logo that represents a business, organization, charity, corporation, special event...ect  it will be sure to get you noticed when applied to a multitude of products ranging from corporate or casual apparel, hats, bags and other apparel items.

  • Corporate Promotions, Events, Branding, Uniforms

  • Medium to Large sizes Groups, Organizations or Businesses

  • Clothing Lines

  • Events

  • Charity 

  • Band or Artist Merchandise

  • Restaurant

  • Sports Team​

Price Quote/Ordering 
Since embroidered logos are measured in stitches, the more detailed your logo is the higher the stitch count. Minimum specifications are required to achieve good results. When you request a quote we will assess your design to determine what will work best for you.


To embroider your design we need to digitize it – this basically involves redrawing the design in special software that allows us to plot the position, size and direction of every single stitch. When we digitize your logo we charge a one-time fee and will keep your design on file for any future projects, you have need of.

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