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2-Day Screen Printing Training

Day 2  (6 hrs.)

101 Introduction to Screen Printing onto white shirts

- Learn to print Wet on Wet onto white t-shirts
- Creating a Basic Film Positive
- Most Common Mesh Counts
- Steps to Properly Prep a Screen
- Coating a Screen by hand with Emulsion
- Exposing a Screen
- Washing out a Screen
- Taping up a Screen
- Setting up the Screen On Press
- Proper use of Adhesive
- Tips & Tricks for Loading a Shirt on the Platen
- "PUSH" Squeegee Stroke
- Printing Tips & Tricks
-Curing Plastisol Ink
- Cleaning Up On Press
- Reclaiming the Screen

Day 1 (3 hrs)

101 Introduction to Screen Printing Power point presentation/handbook
-curriculum created to give you all the proper knowledge on screen printing and how to properly screen print.


 Screen Printing kit Included:


Kit includes all essential items needed to screen print. Press, Aluminum Screen 16 x 20, LED bulb, Squeegee, White Plastisol ink, Screen Degreaser Emulsion, Screen  Washer, Disposable latex glove...and more.

This skill has the potential of making 100,000 or more a year
Friday (June 11) - Saturday (June 12)

Payment Option

Screen Print Class/Training

Cost: $850


Cost: $850

Two Payments 
Today: $425.00
1st Day of Class: $425.00

*Payments are non-refundable, due to training equipment purchases/instructor availability, but Class can be rescheduled up to 3 times once class becomes available

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